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Silent sighs 'neath midnight skies....

He looked back to the blood-moon, he had work yet left to do,  that moon had many mountains, meant there was lots of work there too.
Evening passed too quickly, moonset darkness creeping fast, time was running short and thin, soon night's time would collapse.
Shoulders squared, his jaw tight-lined, eyes scanning faded moonlight, ancient scythe 'cross twisted sinew, fingers clenching, souls alight. 
Harvest-time had once been plentiful, in years past when time ran long, now the nights grow ever shorter, morning's grasp is much too strong.
His fading frame, all but wraith-like, no souls to slake his thirst, his withered shell like falling years, to day's bitter winds, dispersed.
                                                                                                           --- e.a.s. demers

Baby Steps Forward, Giant Leaps Backward.....

Asdfja;eijakfglkaj;kdslfva..f jaoiefk = the most intelligent thing I've written in a while....

It's the second month in a new year, and I haven't found time to update my blog since the second week in November--- not that I'm surprised, Christmas in retail doesn't leave a lot of time to breathe, let alone time to think/write.

My lack of Resolutions this year means I'll probably get quite a few things done, as I often find the more I say I'll get done, the less I actually do---

If I were to name a Resolution for this year, it would definitely involve writing--- writing more, and finally submitting said writing... still trying to get over that last hurdle of fear that's keeping me from actually putting work out there.

I am moving forward, albeit at a snail's pace.

I would really like to participate in Write1Sub1 this year, the challenge fashioned after Ray Bradbury's school of Persperistence --- writing and submitting 1 story every week. I started …