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"Legitimate" Sexism.... Pre-Life vs. Jagermeister?

I know it's been awhile since I poked my head out of my lovely cave, but, there's been some personal matters at home that have kept me from floating around the blogosphere lately.... I'm hoping to return full swing, but, I'm not sure when that will be----

In the meantime, I did poke my head out today and I'm beginning to wonder if I should have. It has definitely become a day of "huh's?"

While most of my fellow southern brethren have been bracing for Isaac's onslaught -- we've had some crazy wind and a bit of rain, but fortunately no loss of power-- I've enjoyed a lovely, albeit rather wet, day off of perusing the net and watching some t.v. with the hubby.

Normally I'm not so concerned with the state of things in the political world, and even less concerned for the realm of popular culture. But, today, the two merged to define--at least for me--some current views of women versus men in American society.  (Of course, I don't mean th…