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Possible Plots I can't decide which of the following to work on next :) Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

1/ Stolen Child--- Inspired by William Yeats' poem with the same name. It's still a bit fuzzy but I want it to be something along the lines of a dark myth. Set in an isolated area, a "cursed" water area is avoided by all locals except those who are "dared" to try and stay in the area alone--- dark Faery-people lure innocent humans to leave their own world behind, but every wonderful promise the faeries present is a lie. The true motive is to ensure the survival of the dark faery-people as each human they trick and kidnap then become dark faery-folk who are enslaved and forced to trick and kidnap other humans.

2/ Soul Sifters--- Okay, this might be a strange one to describe and it isn't intended to be religious or non-religious, just a creative "what if"--- One of the laws of thermodynamics is that "energy can neither be create…


To further complicate the crossroad decision from my previous post, I don't have just one new project to work on....I have 3 that are pulling equally in 3 different directions. Ah, choices....a blessing and a curse.
In retrospect I think I've decided to not push my half-done manuscript. I'll let it take its time. There's something about it that is screaming to be left alone to marinate. It's a complicated, emotional plot that is refusing to be rushed....but I can't really blame it.

So, now my decision lies in deciding which of the 3 nagging plot-lines I should pick to focus on at this moment...or at least in the very near future. I think I might need help making this decision......

Unexpected crossroads....

It had been my intention to use the last 10 days of NaNoWriMo to finish a straggling project that's been hanging around half-done for about a year and a half. But, now that I have this precious time, where I can still add to my NaNo word-count and can still take full advantage of all the support that comes with this month's writing frenzy, that seems to be the last thing I want to do.

It isn't the project. No, I really like the idea for just seems to be hanging. Just recently I decided to add 2 more Main Characters to fill out and balance the plot. I think it might be the 2 characters that are throwing me for a loop.....I have to discover who they are, and where they fit into my already existing document. At this moment I don't even know their names :(

So, the question is, do I continue to try and slog through this project just for the intention of raising the word-count for NaNo? Or, do I spend the rest of the month plotting said project so that it may flow j…

The end is in sight!!!! But then a new beginning will start!!!

One more chapter to tie everything up and my NaNovel will officially be complete. Well, the first draft of my NaNovel will be complete, but that's still something. At just under 56,000 words this is the longest and quickest-written novel I have ever managed.

Now what I have to look forward to in the coming months will be the dreaded editing. The energy and enthusiasm that went into this project initially will be needed more than ever as the edit begins. I just hope I'll be able to dig the energy back out. But, this will also make the third novel added to the stack of edits. I suppose I'll have to decide which direction to move first....which book to work at....

I suppose my next plan will be to reread all 3 books and try to decide which one is the closest to being ready for submission. If I don't start sending out query letters soon, I'm going to have an entire bookcase full of unpublished manuscripts. Plus side of that is I'll always have a spare novel to sub…

NaNovel Realizations and Anniversary Plans

I just realized that my NaNovel is actually the longest manuscript I've ever composed...and I'm not even done yet! When I first sat down and outlined the story before November 1st, I had serious doubts that the plot would carry me through the 50,000-word requirement to be considered an official NaNoWriMo winner. But, here I am, November 19th and I am currently at 53,376 words!!!!

Today is also my 2nd anniversary with my husband and what better way to celebrate. I can completely devote my attention to my supportive and up to now neglected husband and not feel guilty. I think as authors we sometimes forget the ones who wait patiently in the "wings" or in the hallway as we ignore everything about normal life for the duration of our writing frenzies. It is never more obvious and poignant than during a literary marathon such as National Novel Writing Month. At a time when we feel obligated to strap the keyboard to our fingers to even half-way compete with the rest of the …


Just passed the 50,000-word mark right before midnight!!!!! My total word count for the Write-a-Thon was only about 3,500 words, but it was enough to get me to my first NaNoWriMo win!!!! Now I just have to finish the book....have about 10-15 % left before the end and will get there very soon ;)

Write-A-Thon Telepathic Style

So, the last week or so, the words have only sort of trickled out. I'm mostly blaming it on work and being completely exhausted when I come home. I have been able to crank out a few hundred words everyday on my lunch break, and maybe a few hundred more when I get home at all hours. But, I still haven't passed the 50K mark yet, and I am fairly sure that I would have if work hadn't started interrupting my momentum and energy-level.

But, that's okay....I am just under 48,000 words and about 80% done with my novel's first draft. Even in 17 days that's a record for me. It's also a goal I feel I can definitely improve on in the coming NaNo's. I'll be sure to adjust my vacation to give me the right amount of time to see IF I really can FINISH a first draft in a week!!! ----I'm looking forward to the challenge for the next couple of years.

But, I digress. The main reason I'm posting an entry today is to bring up NaNoWriMo's Write-A-Thon. From 6…

Only a handful of words left......

I just passed the 40,000-word mark and it's only day 11 in this crazy month-long literary marathon. I really feel that if work hadn't invaded, I might...just might have been able to get the word count out in a week!!!!!! And I can't tell you how unbelievable that is for me. To have a working first draft in a week is amazing and exhilarating and something I never would have thought possible for me.

My first book took a little over 3 years just to get a complete first draft. My second book, still isn't a complete first draft and it's going on 2 years. My third book, I was very proud to say, made it to complete first draft stage in just at a year.....but now this!!!!! My fourth book project and I am very close to having a complete first draft in less than a month!!!! And I actually might make it at around 2 weeks!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!

This has been the thrill-ride of my life and I really hope to be able to continue doing NaNovels every year for the rest of m…

Halfway there!!!!

I'm about to pass the halfway point on my 50,000 word journey. In less than 500 words I will be embarking on the last half of my NaNovel. I can't believe I have gotten so far so quickly. It is only day 4 and I'm well on my way to victory. This has been a thrilling 4 days and I know for sure that whatever happens, every November will become my insanity month. I will strive for normalcy and calmness for the other 11 months, especially since I'm a retail manager. But that one month in the year, that precious sweet 30 days will be all about the magical and terrifying power of words.

Since signing up on Oct 18th, I've been stifled, stilted, excited and exhilarated. And now I feel more accomplished than I have ever felt in anything I've done.

I don't know how all of this will turn out ... well, I know how my book will turn out, I know pretty much how I want it to end ... but what I don't know is where I will go from there. I don't think I'll even look…

Ahhhh!!! The words keep coming and coming and coming!!!!

Normally I'd be complaining about not having any words come at all. But now I have so many pouring through me that I'm having withdrawals when I step away from my laptop. And I mean serious separation anxiety.

I can feel my chest tighten and my pulse race and my breathing double. It's not like I'm walking away mid-sentence. Heck! I'm not even walking away mid-paragraph. But, as soon as I step inches away, the story starts screaming in my head to be let out. I'm like a gambler watching the stakes get higher and higher... the jackpot growing and growing before my eyes. Every word takes me that much closer to my goal and I HAVE to keep going.

Whew!!!! Okay, I'm addicted....*hangs head* My name is Mysteria-Wednesday, and I have a problem.....

NaNovel blog!!!

For anyone interested....I'm blogging my NaNovel---completely uncensored and definitely un-edited on my MySpace page. You can link my page from my links list or ----

Be kind ;) It's raw, and unpolished, but I'm hoping it has the potential to mature into a strong novel one of these days.....but must get word-count out while it's running like water!


Day 2 and have totaled 15,164 words!!!!! Woot!!! I've never written this much in 2 days in my life. Now, I know most of it is going to be total crap that will have to be edited to oblivion, but just to be able to release the words like opening a vein is exhilarating. I've promised not to go back and read or edit anything I've written until the month of November is up.

Well.....I've read a little bit, but I promise that I haven't read all of it. And I've totally left it un-edited (my apologies to the readers of my blog for having to read the first run of crap). I'm just enjoying the ride and eager to see where it takes me.....if my pace continues, I won't need the whole month to hit the 50,000-word finish-line!!!!

NaNo Insanity-----Ahhh!!!

Is it possible to be possessed by a story? I've only been writing on my NaNovel since midnight, off and on (with time in there for sleep) but I'm already at 6148 words and counting....21 pages to be exact. I don't think I've ever written so much in so short a span of time.

I guess when you take away the hindrances of an internal editor and put in a huge time crunch...30 days tops....I guess anything can happen and does!!!! Wow! I didn't think it possible.

The Race is On!!!!!!

Okay, so NaNoWriMo has officially started for me and in 2 semi-short writing sessions I have cranked out 4017 words....1679 of them by 1am. So I hit my first day's quota within the first hour of starting and am now on my way to fufilling my third day's quota and it's not even 6pm yet! Good Day!!! Huzzah!!

The 2 sets I've done aren't terrible, but they aren't shiny gold either. But, I'm being good and following the No-Edit rule, I've only fixed a handful of spelling and grammar mistakes, but I've not done any stringent editing.
I only hope this momentum holds through the rest of the month. Or at least until I hit the 50,000 word mark...after that the sky's the limit!!!

Okay, off for another round of brillance ;)