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Oh me, oh my, how the time does fly.....

So, I woke this morning, and would have sworn to anybody who asked me, that it was only the day after Halloween. As my last post was dated 10/31/11, I had no problem whatsoever believing that today was November 1st..... but, it's not----


How a person goes about losing 20 days when they are not in a coma or some other unconscious, time-suspended kind of situation, is beyond me... clearly.

But, a lot of things have whittled away the time and I was completely unaware of how quickly the month was passing.

Nanowrimo started on the 1st. This is year 5 for me and the first time that I've ever started without a clear plot in mind... of course, that didn't mean I would easily give up. For the first week, in fact, I was right on schedule, my daily 1667-word goals adding up quite nicely.

By week two, I found myself hotel-bound in Edwardsville, Illinois working on a bookstore remodel for my company. Anyone who's ever worked in book retail knows it isn't the easiest gig in the world, add the bonus of an out-of-state "project" and saying it's a whole other world doesn't even cut it. Somebody has to put those stores together from the ground up, we gave up waiting on the remodel fairy years ago. So, needless to say, by the second night in the hotel room, I had pretty much given up on my Nanowrimo story, at least until I could get home and back to working my nice normal 9 1/2 hr shifts in my nice normal, fully-stocked store.

As we round out week three, I am now, a good 16,000 words behind my Nanowrimo goal. I did have a glorious weekend celebrating my 6th anniversary with my wonderful, completely-supportive-of-all-my-insanity, husband. He even made it a point to give me time and space to scribble a few thousand words out, even though I should have spent every second of this weekend with him....

And, as if I didn't already have enough on my plate--- though, with the upcoming holidays, who doesn't have full plates?--- I am set to begin a week of guest blogging over at Vie Hebdomadaires. It should prove to be an interesting challenge. I am grateful to the lovely, Janel Gradowski over at Janel's Jumble for selecting me as the new guest blogger. I am intrigued by the premise of the blog project, enlisting a different writer every week... in essence, creating a different blog every week. I'll be the twelfth writer in the project.

Oh, and I still have to find time, before this Wednesday, to select the week 14 tribute piece at Bluebell Books. The wonderful people there have already been patient with some of my lateness in the past.

Here's hoping I survive the week, the Thanksgiving obligations and the rest of the month, for that matter-----

After this, I think I'll need a holiday from the holidays.....


  1. You would think working at a bookstore, you'd be allowed to write your own book. But that would be too naive for me to think that, lol.

    Whenever you're not too busy, we're gonna need to go somewhere in muh new car! :D

  2. LOL... ikr? But, they're more concerned with the handling of the books that are actually making them money--- not in waiting around for one that might never get written :-)

    Annnnnd, definitely! I'm up for a "new-car" ride anytime :-D

  3. Wow, don't I know all too well what you mean with this post! You're not alone, lol. Blessings, Terri

  4. That's a lot of stuff! If you ever make it into my state, book store related or not, I will buy you dinner. And cocktails. And cupcakes. And a bottle of wine. And . . .

    Hope you have fun at Vie Hebdomadaires. I think it's a great idea too and it will just get better and better.

  5. Terri-- Thanks! It's good to hear that others suffer from the same insanity-inducing issue as I do... still can't figure out why we do these things to ourselves....

    Janel-- Aw, with offers like that, I'll find a way to make it to your state--- Maybe I can insist they build one of our stores in your neighborhood :-)

  6. "A holiday from the holidays" -- that's a good way to put it!


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