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7X7 Awards

David Macaulay, from Brits in the USA, passed this little award on to me about a week ago.... and, it's taken me that long to come up with the posts that are part of the award's requisites.

The idea of the 7X7 award is simple enough... you list the blog post from your archive that most represents the 7 categories provided, and then you pass the award to 7 other bloggers--- simple....

At least, I thought it would be, but then I was stuck trying to figure out what blog posts I had that would even qualify ----

---- then I realized that it's all subjective and meant to fun, so I just picked some that came close.... some of these posts, I'll admit, I had forgotten that I wrote. Funny what you stumble across when you start researching your own archives.... 

But, back to the point of this post--- links to my category-specific blogs :

Most BeautifulAs you pass my grave, with all your thoughts on me.... This was a hard category to select a blog post for.... when I think about beautiful blogs, I think mostly about wonderful art pieces or glorious photographs that capture the essence of the world in a heartbeat! But, I don't have posts like that. I'm no artist and though I can take a fair picture occasionally, they often pale in comparison to the photos of others. I chose this one because I was a bit proud of the poem that I wrote when looking at the photos. It wasn't my typical A-Z blog post.

Most HelpfulRenewed inspiration-- the reason to carry on.... I don't often write helpful blog posts. I'm severely lacking in any experience that would deem any advice I thought I could give as worthy. But, I know how important inspiration is... I, myself, need the occasional reminder and who better to look for help from than those you aspire to become.  

Most PopularMudbloods and Muggles and Magic Folk, Stand and Unite... No surprise, really, that this is the most popular post. Just the words mudbloods and muggles are sure to bring any number of unsuspecting internet surfers to my page.  But, this post, only 7 months old, has garnered more than 10% of the pageviews since my blog has been in existence. 

Most ControversialRemoving the forbidden word removes the power of truth... Just like my lack of helpful posts, I'm not sure that I really write anything controversial. I may touch a controversial topic at times, but I don't tend to write anything with the idea of being controversial in mind. This post probably comes the closest as it deals with a sensitive topic... one that I felt should not be ignored, or brushed aside.

Most Surprisingly SuccessfulGnarly gargoyles get golden tickets... Outside my post on Mudbloods, this post is the second most popular...still getting a sporadic hit here-and-there. Not sure what might being bringing readers to this post--- unless it's the mention of Willy Wonka...

Most UnderratedOh, times they are a'changing... Not that there was anything special about this particular blog, just got a chuckle out of writing it and another chuckle out of re-reading it...

Most Pride-worthy: Of one mind-- two distinct halves of a very chaotic whole... The topic of this blog appealed to me greatly. Here I had incontrovertible proof that a person's right brain and left brain could get along. This was very good news for me... a former biologist now turned creative writer. Science and art, my two loves, finally married into one soul...

So, there... those are my selections. And, now, to pass the award on--- a choice just as difficult as selecting specific posts. Those whose blogs I list below are, of course, under no obligation to take on the arduous task of digging through their archives unless they'd like to... and anyone who reads this post---whose blog isn't listed below--- who would like to take on this task, feel free to pick up the gauntlet and pass it on....


  1. First of all, congrats on the award -- that's one I haven't seen circulating before. And thanks for passing it on; off to archive dive...

  2. Thank you very kindly, my friend, for passing the torch on to me. It's just what I needed, when I needed it.

    Let me clear a few things from my desk, and I'll get to siftin', sortin' and scorin'.

    Now then. How are you feeling? Had an x-ray recently? And then, are you off to the con?

    As I've noted before, your blog was one of my favorites from April A-to-Z. I suspect that has much to do with the author.

    You be careful out there.

  3. @Milo--- You're welcome! I'll admit this was a new on for me too... but, it seemed like fun!

    @Joe--- You're very welcome, it's funny how some things seem to come at exactly the right time!

    I'm feeling much better, the bruising has increased, but the swelling has gone down and it doesn't hurt to walk... and I'm definitely off to the con... this ankle is NOT ruining that!

    Aw, thanks for that! I was floored by the beauty of your blog during A-Z and cannot wait to see what blogs you select for this award!!!! :-)

    Promise I'll be careful ;-)


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