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You'll shoot your eye out.... or, what I want for Christmas.....

A Christmas Story
In the inevitable struggle between parents and children--- between what the children know they want and what the parents know they need---between what the children deem worthy and what the parents deem unsafe--- there never has been, and never will be, a clear winner.

Christmas has always been a time of magic and miracles---especially for children. Their small lives revolve around what is happening immediately around them and what is happening immediately to them. So, something as magical as an unknown man bringing presents to their house while they sleep, only serves to convince these youngsters that miracles, do indeed, exist. Who wouldn't want someone to grant their innermost heart's desire? And, does it really matter if we know that someone? Does it really matter if anyone else gets what they want for Christmas, so long as we get what we want?

The split between the unbridled avarice and the true meaning of Christmas isn't easily argued between adults and children. There is a desire in the hearts of parents that they might be able to instill some level of charity, humanity, even generosity in the minds of their offspring. But, the parents also long for the innocence of Christmas to remain---the joy and surprise on Christmas morning when the stuffed stockings are discovered, the expectant faces, drooling over the brightly wrapped packages.

But, there isn't room in the physical make-up of children for both the selfless charity and the expectant avarice to dwell. It is, unfortunately, either-or. There is no possible way for the endearing avarice of innocence to exist once the threshold has been crossed into unselfish charity. You can not be truly giving and charitable and still hold onto the magic of believing.

It is truly sad that the wisdom which allows you think in terms of the well-being of another, is also the wisdom that takes away your shell of innocence. For, it is impossible to think of others first, if all you can think of is the present you plan on asking Santa for. The world of children, though magically innocent, is so inclusive there is no other way for them to view it.

The children want what they want for themselves, the parents want what they want for their children....and whether it's the Red Ryder BB Gun or happiness for another that is most wanted at Christmas, one thing is sure at this time of year, one thing exists whether anything else does at all--- Hope...hope for tomorrow, and for the day after tomorrow. The Santa that adults make their wishes to isn't the same Santa that children make their wishes to, but that doesn't matter--not really. For, that is the magic of this time of year.

It matters not your age. It matters not your ethnicity. It matters not your financial standing. It matters not your religion. It matters not, even, whether it's Christmas. Hope is wished for inside that magical place where children dwell and in that magical place adults sometimes forget ever existed.


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